Every organization or companies are constantly facing challenges from various sections. Managing smooth performance of an organization, it is required to provide the constant electric source of power. An interruption in the electric source of power can be a big cause in delay of production or work process.

Metros, towns are facing havoc electricity problem in the recent period of time. The situation of electricity supply in suburban areas or villages are critical. This is the big challenges to every small and big company, offices, hotels, resorts, hospitals, nursing homes or schools.

We are very much concerned about these issues.

Our company is expertise to provide the best solution to overcome the disruption of electric supply challenges by soundless DG sets at the most reasonable price. We have the large stock of soundless diesel generators of various brands at the different capacity ranges.

Let us clarify what capacity of soundless DG Set is required for your organization.

Our expert and experienced engineers will visit your company or organization and after inspecting loads of electricity (Kws) requirement, we will guide and suggest you for the best, reliable and reasonable soundless diesel generator (DG Set).

We can feel and understand the budget of investment and we have the different motivation of business, that we want to continue a long-term relationship with our customers.

Only selling of a DG Set is not our primary motivation. Our best quality and industrial standard service on DG sets are being maintained from years back for the sustainable business relationship which is also our highest priority to us.

Our Moto

Our motto is to be the most trusted and reliable brand dealing in power equipments that energize and provide prolonged sources of power to diverse industries. Therefore, we believe in ENERGIZING LIVES WITH UNINTERRUPTED POWER’

Vision & Mission



    • To be the No. 1 dealer of best quality power generation machinery, equipments and services
    • To ensure we provide the best quality products at the most competitive market price
    • To provide efficient, swift and advanced installation and servicing support to our clients
    • To create a prolific and dynamic organization offering power engineering expert solutions
    • To create a network of recurring clients across diverse industry domains, not only, within the country but also globally.



    • To be the No.1 dealer providing the best quality power generation machinery and equipments providing installation and servicing facilities in a parallel manner not only, within the country but also globally.



When it comes to providing services to our customers, Sital Enterprises believe in delivering the most efficient and completely reliable services with full time support from experienced and knowledgeable technicians and field experts. The services we provide to our customers are broadly divided into installation and maintenance services.

Skill Set

  • Having anin-depth knowledge in Installation Maintenance services
  • Proper knowledge about all kinds of equipment offered as products to the customers.         


  • Installation
  • Disassembling
  • Maintenance
  • Timely Servicing
  • AMC
  • Demonstration
  • Supervising different sites
  • Providing full support to customers