Diesel generator

We are a leading Kirloskar Generator Dealer and supplier in India. A Diesel Generator or DG Set is a blend of the diesel engine with the electrical generator or an alternator to produce electricity. This is a distinct case in which a diesel compression-ignition engine is designed to function on diesel fuel, unlike other types which run on liquid fuels or natural gas.

Kirloskar Generator Dealer

We are one of the most renowned suppliers and dealers of Kirloskar brand and we offer one of the finest generator sets that have high energy efficiency and provide an unending source of power flow. These finest quality Gensets are very easy to be controlled and can be used in carrying out several operations that are reliant on the power supply.

Escorts DG Set Dealer

We are also very reliable Escorts generators and are known for providing highly reliable power supply to various establishments. We deal in silent DG sets which have a very long life and are known for very low noise or vibration levels too.

Use of Diesel Generators

Gensets are often used in establishments and places that do not have a connection to a normal supply of power from the power grid and also in an emergency when power-supply is disrupted. There are different ranges of DG Sets available in the market and we deal in all those different series with the power potential of different range capacities that have unmatched global standards of competence, reliability, productions & noise standards.

In the places which have irregular power flow, commercial establishments cannot function properly. In such situations, the efficient and fuel saving Kirloskar generators are a great way to bring operations back to the normal order.

We are one of the most proficient Diesel Generator Set dealers in the region, which are designed to deliver optimum power holdup solutions in countless industrial and commercial applications. These Escort generators are power-driven by the utmost fuel-efficient diesel engines thus delivering dependable and cost-effective power solutions.

Apart from this, Generator sets with smooth and quick loading times like that of the Escort brand are a great savior in the times of emergency and critical operations like that of the functioning of a healthcare establishment or a manufacturing unit.

Silent DG sets

The silent power generator sets we offer are highly advanced and perceived by specialists as a model product among all others available in the market. In the current times, it also becomes very important to keep a check on the level of pollution and greenhouse emissions caused by manmade activities. The Silent DG sets are a revolution in this regard.


kirloskar generator price in India

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We are also a prominent Escorts DG Set Dealer providing power to business and commercial establishments.


  • Highly Fuel efficient
  • Compact and innovative design and set up with least noise and vibrations
  • Lower operating costs
  • Very swift and quick to load
  • Longer durability of a product
  • Immediate and all time support for installation and servicing


There are different ranges of DG sets. They are:

  • 10 kVA to 40 kVA (single phase) used in nursing homes, hotels, residences, small shops.

10 kVA up to 1,500 kVA (three phases with Microprocessor based STD / AMF Control Panel) used in large hospitals, big office complexes, factories.

kirloskar generator price in India