Power Transformer

We are leading among the most efficient and powerful transformer suppliers in India. We provide wide ranges of Transformers which can be unified into any kind of power management system.

Transformers are electrical devices comprising of two or more coils of wire used to transfer electrical energy by means of a changing magnetic field. Transformers are used in power distribution systems to border step up and step down voltages. You can also learn about the most reasonable 250 kva transformer price in India and choose the best solution to a power supply.

Transformer suppliers

In order to ensure that your business establishment or household receives an even distribution of power from the grids, you can choose the most trusted supplier and dealer of transformers.

250 kva transformer price in India

You can also look for 250 kva transformers too and find out the most reliable dealer to get power distributing efficient transformers so that you can get an even and smooth supply of power to your premises. 

Undisturbed energy supply

Transformers we deal in, is also the connecting energy supply links from the power networks to your commercial enterprises in the most secured manner. As one of the most reliable suppliers of power transformers, we deal in special and highly sophisticated transformers that guarantee the uninterrupted flow of energy to your business establishment.

The reliable and dependable transformers that we deal in are a great solution for your business setups to enable the undeterred flow of energy. Our sophisticated and carefully engineered transformers are a great boost to help you deal with the issue of disruption of power that seems to obstruct your business’ or industrial plant’s productivity.

Moreover, we also offer one of the most reasonable and affordable transformer price in India too!

As a trusted destination supplying and dealing in transformers, we ensure that you get all the required technical assistance and support in setting up and maintaining the transformers too.

Configurations of Transformers

There are several alignments for single-phase and three-phase systems.

Single-phase Power - They are often used to provide power for lighting up people’s households, air-conditioning, and heating needs. By adding both the primary winding and secondary winding in two equivalent parts, such transformers become more versatile in operations. The two portions of each of the winding can then be relinked in sequence or parallel arrangements.

Three-phase Power - Power may be provided by means of a three-phase circuit comprising of transformers in which a series of three single-phase transformers or one three-phase transformer is used. The distinctive arrangement of the windings and core saves a lot of iron.

Delta and Wye Defined - There are two linking configurations for three-phase power: Delta and Wye which are Greek letters. Delta and Wye represent the manner in which the conductors on the transformers are arranged.

Three-phase Transformers - Three-phase transformers consist of six windings; three primary and three secondaries. The six windings are linked by the creator as either delta or wye. The leading and most dependable transformer suppliers in India take care of all these aspects too.


  • Highly reliable and have high surge voltage capacity
  • Great overload limit
  • Lightweight with least noise and smaller size
  • Low operating cost
  • Maintenance free
  • Nontoxic
  •  250 kva transformer


  • 160 KVA 11KV up to 10,000 KVA, 33 KV Class
  • 100 to 630 kVA with both primary & secondary LT voltages

If you would like to know the 250 kva transformer price in India, then contact us for the details.